Element 8 - Requirements for pharmacy stock and services

8.2.1 - Can chocolate or confectionery that contains alcohol or includes alcoholic beverages (for example Jim Beam) in its marketing, be sold in the pharmacy?

No. Chocolate or confectionery that contains alcoholic beverages or flavourings (for example Jim Beam, champagne truffles etc.) in its marketing cannot be sold, as this is a form of promoting alcoholic beverages.

8.2.2 - Can glassware such as wine glasses and beer glasses be sold in the pharmacy?

Yes, provided they do not promote or market alcoholic beverages.
QCPP Element 8 Action 2 precludes promotion of alcoholic beverages. The promotion of glassware such as wine glasses or beer glasses, or other materials associated with alcohol consumption, such as wine racks and stubby holders, may also be promotion of alcoholic beverages. Promotion can take many forms, and would include (but not be limited to) product packaging, in-store displays, social media content or catalogues.

The following are clear examples of promoting alcoholic beverages, which would not be permitted:
  • Product packaging containing images of wine glasses filled with wine;
  • Photos posted on social media of people drinking beer; or,
  • A price ticket reading “Stubby holders $X.xx! Perfect for beers at your next BBQ!”

8.5.1 - What does a “random sample of ten products” mean?

The Assessor will randomly choose ten products from the dispensary and Professional Services Area to ensure they are current and not out of date. 


8.6.1 - What does it mean by ‘will become out of date during a normal course of use’?

This action refers to the need for pharmacy staff to check products are currently in date and will remain in date for the normal course of use for that product. For example, a container of 90 multi vitamin tablets with a one a day dosage should have an expiry date at least 90 days from the date of sale and not just be ‘in date’ on the day of sale.

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